Sustainable Mobility Accord (SuMA)

By Directorate of Urban Land Transport

Applications closed for 2020/21 cohort

SuMA 2020/21 Cohort

  • R R Nagar I Care Trust, Raja Rajeshwari Nagar
  • HSR Citizen Forum, HSR Layout
  • WoW Trust, J P Nagar Phase 1 & 2
  • SWAR - Voice for Change, Begur
  • Ferns paradise Plot Owners Association, Doddanekkundi
  • Sobha Forest View Apartment Association represented by Changemakers of Kanakapura, Kanakapura Road
  • Defence Colony Residents Association (DECORA), Indira Nagar
  • Malleshwaram Swabhimana Initiative, Malleshwaram Social, & Sensing Local Foundation, Malleshwaram
  • Rotary RMV Welfare Foundation (Trust) linked to Rotary Club of Bangalore, Rajmahal Vilas


Most cities, continue to focus on planning and implementing projects with mobility of vehicles rather than mobility of people in their design. Active modes like walking and cycling are routinely endorsed, with less than adequate effort to create infrastructure that promotes these modes.

Increase in average incomes due to economic growth is also leading to increase in the number of cars and two-wheelers on the road as people perceive them to be symbols of a better economic status. This has posed challenges to the city and its administrators. Creation of safe, secure, convenient infrastructure, and engagement with public to promote sustainable modes can reverse this trend.

With the idea of Engagement before Infrastructure, Cycle Day was seeded by DULT and its citizen partners - Praja RAAG, ESAF and cyclists of Bengaluru

Cycle Day 1.0






Cycle Days

Cycle Day

The Cycle Day initiative begun in Oct 2013 was a step towards nudging citizens to "shift" to sustainable modes of transport like walking and cycling for short commutes, to increase the share of these non-motorized modes of transport as well as to change the perception of political and administrative bodies to invest more on walking & cycling friendly initiatives. It is one of the longest continously running open streets event in the country.

Cycle Day 2.0 - SuMA

DULT intends to take up Cycle Day 2.0 in a revised format. It extends the support of cycle days to active engagement with community in achieving certain outcomes for the neighborhood in a specified timeframe. This engagement is proposed to be achieved through SuMA with communities.

Sustainable neighbourhood is defined as the one where 80% of all neighbourhood trips happen either by walk or cycle, and at least 60% of trips outside the neighbourhood happen through walking, cycling, and public transport or shared modes of transport.

SuMA Task Force

A SuMA task force will be setup under the chairmanship of the Commissioner, DULT to oversee the implementation. The task force will consist of DULT, BCOS core members including members of ESAF, and Praja RAAG, the Bicycle Mayor of Bengaluru, member representative of CiFoS, and HSR Cyclists (2 of the longest running Cycle Day community partners in Bengaluru), representative of WRI India to begin with. Other members will be co-opted in due course. The Task force will be guided by the Technical Group on Active Transport constituted by the DULT.

  • Objectives

  • To engage community through residential associations, prominent community leaders, people‚Äôs representatives at the neighbourhood level to further spread awareness on benefits of sustainable modes of transport like walking, cycling and public transport.

  • To support community to formulate specific goals and action plans for transforming itself into a sustainable neighbourhood, by providing necessary support in the form of capacity building, assistance for conducting baseline surveys, cycle days.

  • For improving safe access to schools, safe walking routes in the neighborhood, improvement of public spaces.

  • Support for community bicycle sharing projects and bicycle clinics and learning centres/ kiosks, and implementation of certain tactical interventions including but not limited to installation of cycle stands, setting up pop up of bicycle lanes etc., improvement of public spaces.


If you are a registered RWA or CSO working with communities in your neighbourhood, and would like to make your area choose sustainable mobility choices then apply before 30th September 2020



The task force running the SuMA program will evaluate all applications based on the green shoots earned by the organisations. Your organisation's work can earn you upto 50 green shoots worth of work which will be used for evaluation.


Upto 10 applicants will be selected for the implementation stage during the first year of SuMA. Each will get Rs. 50 lakhs to pilot tactical interventions in their area. Applicants will have technical assistance from DULT and other partners.

Sustainable neighbourhoods make sustainable city.

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