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Public Transport

DULT has been instrumental in supporting the introduction of public transport and enhancement of existing public transport infrastructure in cities across the State. This has been done through leveraging the State public transport fund resources. The success of this initiative has been a catalyst for the bus funding scheme introduced by the Government of India for the introduction of public transport in two- tier cities in the country.

DULT also takes up planning of mass transit projects in the State. The directorate is responsible for overall monitoring and supervision of Hubli Dharwad Bus Rapid Transit Project (HD-BRTS) which is being implemented at a project cost of Rs.6920 million. Hubli Dharwad BRTS project is the first BRTS in Karnataka. The directorate is also preparing a Detailed Project Report (DPR) for the implementation of Bus Rapid Transit System in the selected corridor in Bangalore and development of suburban rail network connecting Bangalore to other cities in the hinterland of Bangalore.

List of projects: