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Cycle Day

“Cycle Day” is a campaign to promote cycling as a mainstream mode of transport, and in affect bring about an increase in the usage of cycling for short to mid commutes, local shopping runs, first and last mile connectivity as well as leisure runs to just feel our still green city.

“Cycle Day” has been a monthly event anchored by DULT (Directorate of Urban Land Transport), Government of Karnataka as a part of Bengaluru Coalition for Open Streets (BCOS). Bengaluru Coalition for Open Streets (BCOS) is non-profit collective comprised of DULT, Praja RAAG, EMBARQ, ESAF and individuals. This open streets event which has attracted thousands of Bangaloreans monthly is supported by Bangalore Police (Law & Order, Traffic) and BBMP.

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Open Streets- Bengaluru

Living in a city with over fifty-four lakh vehicles on road takes a toll on the lives of its residents. The increasing traffic congestion demands that we implement effective traffic management measures that limit the use of personal modes of transportation in favor of public transportation, cycling and walking.

The Open Streets initiative aims to drive awareness in the general public about the benefits of using public transport, cycling or walking, and the positive effect it has on their lives and the overall “health” of the city. Under this initiative, we will identify a street or area and restrict the movement of vehicles in its vicinity, effectively transforming it into an Open Street. The idea is to inspire the general public to use public transportation, services of which will be enhanced to ensure citywide connectivity through the day.

Open Streets at HSR Layout on September 20, 2015

Open Streets at MG Road on February 21, 2016

Open Streets at BTM layout