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Intelligent Transport System

ITS provides intelligent solutions to our every day transport problems by optimising transport infrastructure in order to get there smarter, smoother, safer, and sooner. ITS will becomes more understandable and deployable throughout the region or city ,only if Land use planning, transportation planning, and ITS planning activities becomes interrelated since all are ultimately concerned with system wide effectiveness in achieving broad standard-of -living goals such as mobility, accessibility, convenience, eco-friendly and safety. In simple, Land use planning is served by the guidelines of transportation planning; transportation planning is optimized by ITS planning.

ITS Master Plan

The Directorate of Urban Land Transport (DULT) with the assistance from Japan International Cooperation Agency (JICA) is preparing the Intelligent Transport System (ITS) Master Plan for Bangalore and Mysore. For this purpose ITS master Plan study team has been housed in DULT from January, 2014 and working jointly with stakeholders for the preparation of ITS Master Plan for Bangalore and Mysore .The scope of ITS Master Plan is to develop a framework for deployment of technology based solutions through various stakeholders in Bangalore and Mysore that is robust, interoperable and forms an integrated solution for improving traffic and transportation operation in these cities. The major components of ITS master Plan consist of The Intelligent Transportation Systems Master Plan for Bangalore and Mysore is a planning document that defines how advanced technologies can support the transportation and landuse planning initiatives in the city to help planners and engineers during the period of planning and implementation. Results of the ITS Master Plan will help determine how and when to incorporate advanced technology in transportation projects, and which technologies to use in a phased wise manner.

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