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Green BRTS initiative

The Green BRTS is an initiative of the Hubli Dharwad BRTS Company Ltd., where in tree saplings are planted at various locations in Hubli and Dharwad. The Hubli Dharwad BRTS Company Ltd has a target of planting 23,800 saplings over a period of time till 2017, to compensate for the trees that have been cut for the project. Below is the table showing the details on plantation carried out till date.

Plantation Phase Year Number of trees planted Location
Phase 1 2013 - 14 8000 58 different schools / institutions
Phase 2 2014 - 15 4000 STP, Tapovan, Nrupathungabetta
Phase 3 2015 - 16 1800 STP
Phase 4 2016 - 17 11600 Navalur betta

Mapping of plantation under Green BRTS

An initiative to map the plantations under Green BRTS was started in June 2016 by Directorate of Urban Land Transport and Hubli Dharwad BRTS Company Ltd. This mapping technique supports an online public platform for knowing the status of the plantations. This will also help in analysing growth, survival rate etc. of plantations at different phases. And also for effective selection of location, species, maintenance schedule etc. for further plans.